Filtering & Woven Mesh

Services Overview

  • Filteration
  • Sieving & Sizing
  • Ultrasieve
  • Upward Flow Clarifiers
  • Screen Printing


We fabricate in-house all filtration solutions using an extensive range of zero defect meshes developed specifically for demanding applications within the filtration process.  Our filters are used in the oil, powder, gas and water industries.

We also remesh existing filters to the customers specification.

Our customers include international oils and drinks companies.

If you have any queries on our filtering solutions please call us and our technical team will advise a solution for your needs.

Sieving & Sizing

We manufacture sieves using comprehensive range of high quality metal and synthetic meshes produced to the highest degree of accuracy for sieving and sizing applications, with certified apertures to test sieve standards.


TOT technical fabricate and supply an ultrasieve units

Ultrasieve is an internally fed rotating wedge wire screen which separates suspended solids and fibers at high flow rates.


The Ultrasieve offers benefits for many types of processing and municipal applications; for example:

  • Meat processing
  • Plant and stockyard waste
  • Offal processing
  • Canning plant effluent
  • Waste treatment
  • Water overflow
  • Total plant effluent
  • Kill floor waste
  • Poultry/Fish plants
  • Seafood processing effluent
  • Municipal sewage
  • Sludge screening
  • Chemical Processing
  • Fruit/Vegetable processing

Screen Printing

We supply a range of high quality, high performance stainless steel and polyester meshes developed specifically for even the most demanding applications, backed up by the supply of high quality frames capable of supporting increased mesh tensions in line with quality and deposit requirements.